Multi-functional silicone camping outdoor portable lamp

SKU: LV1286


ABS, PC, Silicone
Silk Screen

This multi-functional silicone camping outdoor portable lamp supports USB/TYPE-C charging. It has a built-in LED light with three levels of brightness. It is made of durable silicone material and has a discharge time of up to 10-12 hours. It is suitable for camping and outdoor activities. . The design comes with a tent clip, which can be easily fixed on the tent, and it can also be used as a handheld lamp.One light for many purposes, multifunctional silicone camping outdoor portable light! It not only provides bright lighting effects, but also has functions such as flashing warning, SOS, and mobile power supply. The silicone material is waterproof and durable, allowing you to do whatever you want in your outdoor adventures!

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