Momax 1-World+ 70W GaN Retractable Charging Cable Travel Socket

SKU: TV1126
Flame retardant polycarbonate
Silk Screen

Momax 1-World+ 70W GaN retractable charging cable travel socket is made of environmentally friendly UL fire-proof materials. The travel socket with built-in retractable USB-C charging cable can provide up to 70W fast charging capability. The socket is also equipped with 1 USB-C + 2 USB- A design that can charge up to 4 USB devices at the same time. AC Input:100-240 50/60Hz 10A 2500W Max;Output USB 1/2:PD70W (max.) 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 3A / 15V 3A | 20V 3.5A;Output USB 3:5V 3A / 9V 3A / 12V 2.5A;Output USB4:5V 1A;Output USB 1+2:PD20W + PD45W;Output USB 2+3:PD45W + PD18W;Output USB 3+4:PD30W + 5W;Output USB 1+3:Total 15W;Output USB 2 + (1+3)+4: PD 45W + (15W) + 5W.

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