Travel storage bag and passport cover: help you organise easily and make your journey worry-free!

It’s rare to go on a trip but have too many items to bring. Cash, passports, clothes, laundry supplies, skin care products, electronic products, as well as large and small sundries, such as charging cables, medicines, umbrellas, etc. Just imagine how troublesome it will be to pack them away. In fact, whether it is a long-distance trip or a short-distance trip, packing is indeed a big question. Want to put enough of what you need in a limited space while staying organized? This is when travel storage bags and passport covers come in handy!

101Gift stocks a wide range of travel storage bags and passport covers, offering a variety of sizes and configuration options to meet the needs of different travellers, as well as practical and versatile inner pockets and compartments. From laundry supplies that need to be separated from wet and dry parts to digital products that need special protection to small belongings, our travel storage bags and passport covers can help travellers store everything in an orderly manner without fear. bump. No matter how many items you have when travelling, your suitcase can stay neat and organised, and you can easily find what you need, making every journey easy and convenient.

The waterproof travel toilet bag is suitable for users who love outdoor activities, and the RFID anti-theft document holder can not only store your passport but also accommodate multiple bank cards and cash, making it an absolute travel gift.

101Gift welcomes customised travel storage bags and passport covers, provides free logo design services, and accepts small batch orders. Explore more travel and outdoor gifts now; customise exclusive business gifts, event gifts, and promotional gifts; let your gifts accompany your customers around the world and relax their minds. If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected] for inquiries.