Luggage straps and luggage tags: make your luggage stand out!

When embarking on a journey, luggage is undoubtedly the most loyal companion for travelers. However, the styles and colours of most brands of luggage are similar, making it easy to be confused with other people’s luggage or even taken by mistake. Not only does this cause trouble and inconvenience, but it may also result in the loss of valuable travel memories.

101Gift brings travellers a simple yet effective solution: unique luggage straps and luggage tags. We provide different styles of luggage straps, such as Push-button type, TSA combination locks, etc., with bright colours, unique designs, and high-quality materials that not only add unique highlights to the luggage but also have excellent Functional with an adjustable size design, it is suitable for suitcases of various sizes and ensures that the luggage is strong and safe, effectively preventing the luggage from exploding due to being thrown around. The luggage tag provides a practical personal information card slot, allowing passengers to quickly identify their luggage and recover lost luggage in a timely manner, protecting the luggage and no longer worrying about luggage confusion. Choose our luggage straps and tags to make your luggage unique and make travel easier and more enjoyable!

101Gift welcomes customised luggage straps and luggage tags, provides free logo design services, and accepts small batch orders. Explore more travel and outdoor gifts now; customise exclusive business gifts, event gifts, and promotional gifts; let your gifts accompany your customers around the world and relax their minds. If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected] for inquiries.