Luggage scales and luggage locks make your journey smooth and worry-free!

Although travelling abroad has become more and more convenient, there are still some hidden problems that can cause headaches at any time. For example, have you ever had the embarrassing experience of discovering that your luggage was overweight when you boarded a plane at the airport? This means that not only do you have to pay a high overage fee, but this sudden dilemma can also instantly change the atmosphere of the originally happy trip and greatly reduce your mood! 101Gift provides lightweight and easy-to-carry Electronic luggage scales that can accurately measure luggage weight, allowing passengers to know in advance whether their luggage is overweight, making it easier to adjust the luggage content in advance, effectively avoiding unnecessary overage charges, and making the journey more relaxed and enjoyable.

In addition, luggage safety is also an important consideration when traveling. Many people may worry that the password lock on their luggage is not secure enough, that their luggage will be stolen, or that their luggage may be forcibly opened for inspection by customs, resulting in damage to their luggage. 101Gift provides a variety of anti-theft luggage locks, including TSA luggage combination locks that are universally accepted by international customs. The locks have a unique red diamond logo and TSA’s English and numeric numbers, allowing customs officials to use special keys to open luggage. The lock is inspected without damaging the passenger's suitcase. At the same time, our luggage locks also have reliable password protection functions, making travel more secure and smooth, and you no longer have to worry about the safety of your luggage.

101Gift welcomes customised luggage scales and luggage locks, provides free logo design services, and accepts small batch orders. Explore more travel and outdoor gifts now; customise exclusive business gifts, event gifts, and promotional gifts; let your gifts accompany your customers around the world and relax their minds. If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected] for inquiries.