Be well prepared and enjoy your trip!

For Hong Kong people, the work pressure is heavy. If you can release the pressure after work, you can really cheer yourself up.

In the past few years, Hong Kong people have been deeply affected by the epidemic. Regardless of what Hong Kong people think of as "countryside" Japan, Thailand with its sunshine and beaches, or European countries full of historical atmosphere, due to the epidemic, they cannot explore them wantonly. Even some travel necessities need to be discarded because they take up too much space (you need to reserve space for masks).

101Gift deeply understands Hong Kong people’s yearning for travel, so we provide a series of travel necessities so that customers can purchase all necessities for travel in one place after switching. We provide universal plugs of different styles and functions so that you can charge with peace of mind in different countries. We also provide different luggage accessories, such as luggage locks, luggage tags, luggage straps, etc., to protect your luggage while also taking it with you. You don’t have to worry about getting mixed up with other people if you come in special style; we also have different luggage sets to keep you in the most comfortable state, whether on the plane or in the hotel.

In addition to the above travel and outdoor gifts, we also provide other diversified travel gifts, including ultra-light sports waist bags, multi-functional folding storage bags, portable travel door locks, portable travel irons, RFID anti-theft ID cases, and more. We will also continue to look for the latest and most fashionable gifts on the market.

Explore our travel and outdoor gifts now, customise all your travel essentials, and let your gifts accompany your clients as they travel around the world and relax their minds. For inquiries about 101Gift’s travel and outdoor gifts, please send an email to [email protected].